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Permit or Sanction Drawing Preparation

The permit set of construction drawings is just that: the minimal set of drawings and information that the local jurisdiction (the entity reviewing the project and issuing the permit) requires in order issuing a permit.    The permit set includes basic information on the project such as the floor plans, elevations, sections, site plan, some details (life safety primarily) and very general materials and systems notes and references.

RMIT provides permit drawing sets to the wide range of customers from Architects to Engineers in construction practice.


We can offer  you the following services.


    •  Permit drawing with client standard
    •  Permit drawing with title block as per your recommended paper  size
    • With reasonable rates

Working Drawing Preparation

Working drawings are drawings used as a reference or guide in the manufacturing and construction industries. This most often refers to engineering and architecture in many different modes of construction. These drawings are composed according to industry standards, so that all the information is easily and clearly mentioned along with details and sections and estimate.

We provide working drawing sets for engineers, contractors and architects. We have experience Architects to prepare working drawing accurately with quick turnaround.

Our CAD Commitment for preparation of working:

  • Every drawing will be provided according to your standard with the

best quality

  • Details, Sections and estimation will be prepared
  • Provide all size of drawings with title block in *.dwg and *.pdf format.

Presentation Drawing/Model

RMIT also provides the 3D model image or rendered 2D layout image of the permit set . This drawings or model image gives the preliminary concept of the design drawing to present the owners. The images also gives the material information to be used in the actual construction.

RMIT can offer  you the following services in this segment.


    •  2D rendered image of Permit drawing with actual material to beused
    •  3D rendered image of Permit drawing with site logistic.With reasonable rates

Plumbing Construction Drawing

We provide the Plumbing drawing set of bulling, plant and manufacturing industries. Our experienced team provides the Plumbing drawings with detail layering, pipe fittings, valve connection and schedules.

RMIT offer s the following services in this segment.


    •  2D Plumbing drawing with complete annotations.
    •  Provides valve connection detail , Riser Diagram and valveschedule
    •  Drawing in .dwg and pdf  format in your required page (A4, A1, A0 etc.)
    • As-built updation

Mechanical Drawing

RMIT provide the Mechanical drawing such as spar parts, moulding accessories, machine parts etc for Manufacturing Company.

We offer the following services in this segment.


    •  2D AutoCAD drawing with actual dimension and annotation.
    •  Drawing in .dwg and pdf  format in your required page (A4, A3 etc.)

Electrical Drawing

We also provide the Electrical drawing of residential, commercial, plant and substation with complete power and lighting layout  with complete annotations riser diagram and load schedule which helps in construction.

RMIT offers the following services in this segment.


    •  Electrical layout with actual annotation, riser diagram and load schedule
    • Drawing in .dwg and pdf  format in A3, A1 & A0 size
    • As-built updation