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Owners, Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Manufacturing Firms, Promoters, Consultants

Paper to CAD Conversion:

We provide Paper to CAD drawing for engineers, contractors, architects, and manufacture industry. We have the experience Engineers to process the Paper drawing to CAD drawing accurately.

We provide the final output CAD drawings from the raw paper drawings into various CAD formats (*.dwg, *.dxf, *.dgn, *.pdf etc.).

Our CAD conversion Commitment:

  • Every drawing will be provided according to your requirements with the

best quality

  • Layering standards according to your requirements
  • We provide all size drawings in all formats
  • Offer Low rates for the conversion


We can digitally convert the old paper and manual drawings, raster images (*.tiff, *.Jpeg, *.gif, *.pdf etc.) containing scanned data, drawings, logos, graphics etc. into clear, readable with multi-layer vector format (i.e. *.dwg, *.dxf, *.dgn, *.pdf etc.). We provide the best quality digitization CAD drawings to architects, engineers, construction consultants with a quick turnaround time.

Our CAD Digitization Commitment:

  • All Texts are separated with the layers
  • Dimensions are shown by a separate layer
  • All services are represented by the separate layers
  • Quick turnaround with quality assurance
  • Offer Low rates for the conversion

Raster image to CAD Conversion:

We are able to convert the scanned paper drawings/raster images into  proper vector files in different format (*.dwg, *.dgn, *.dxf & *.pdf) with standard layering and deliver on time.

Tiff to CAD Conversion:

Tiff is very useful format for high colour depth images and extensively supported with image applications tool like Photoshop and Paint Shop etc.
RMIT CAD Services provides a process for converting your TIFF image files into AutoCAD (.*dwg) format with error free data. The user can edit the *.dwg and gets final output into multi-layer AutoCAD files. We create separate layers for dimensions, text, body, objects, service lines in hidden, continuous and centre lines. All the objects (text, dimensions and services) are shown by the separate layers.
We always maintain our standard layers to represent a complete drawing.
Send us your TIFF files by uploading through secured FTP with project information and we assure delivery on time.

Hand Sketches to CAD Conversion:

We can convert complex paper drawings, hand sketches of any type of drawing into AutoCAD drawing in *.dwg, *.dgn and *.pdf format with the vector data and scale by our or your latest layering standard at low rates.

This CAD data can be shared to various engineers in the world and sent directly to constructing and engineering industry.

Send us your complex paper drawings, hand sketches in any format (.*pdf, *.jpeg, *.tiff, *.bmp etc.) through the FTP site and we will submit the AutoCAD files to you on time with 100% accuracy.

Scanned Documents to CAD conversion:

We provide conversions of scanned images into editable CAD files in *.dwg, *.dgn, *.dxf & *.pdf format for Architects, Engineering Consultants, Building Contractors, Structural Engineers, Electrical, Mechanical Contractors with a standard layering.

We assure the privacy, honesty and security of all the documents and drawings which we receive for digitization. We return or destroy the received original documents after CAD conversion.

We offer a fixed rate per drawing dependent upon size, or consistency of the drawing and we provide the quote based on an hourly rate.

Permit or Sanction Drawing Preparation:

The permit set of construction drawings is just that: the minimal set of drawings and information that the local jurisdiction (the entity reviewing the project and issuing the permit) requires in order issuing a permit.    The permit set includes basic information on the project such as the floor plans, elevations, sections, site plan, some details (life safety primarily) and very general materials and systems notes and references.

RMIT provides permit drawing sets to the wide range of customers from Architects to Engineers in construction practice.


We can offer  you the following services.

    •  Permit drawing with client standard
    •  Permit drawing with title block as per your recommended paper  size
    • With reasonable rates

Working Drawing Preparation:

Working drawings are drawings used as a reference or guide in the manufacturing and construction industries. This most often refers to engineering and architecture in many different modes of construction. These drawings are composed according to industry standards, so that all the information is easily and clearly mentioned along with details and sections and estimate.

We provide working drawing sets for engineers, contractors and architects. We have experience Architects to prepare working drawing accurately with quick turnaround.

Our CAD Commitment for preparation of working:

  • Every drawing will be provided according to your standard with the

best quality

  • Details, Sections and estimation will be prepared
  • Provide all size of drawings with title block in *.dwg and *.pdf format.